Compactor Machines / Bi & Tri Sorting Systems

Outfit Your Building with the York Compactor Machines and
Bi & Tri Sorting Systems

compactor1A high-performance compactor can simplify your building’s waste management by dramatically improving efficiency and space usage. With the York Compactor Machine and Bi Sorting & Tri Sorting Systems from York Chutes Ltd., you can benefit from some of the most dependable compactor and sorting options available anywhere.

York Chutes has been revolutionizing the GTA and across the border with their automated garbage Bi and Tri-Sorting systems for the high-rise residential buildings industries. Our system’s intelligence is far advanced in comparison to today’s existing technology and here are some reasons why:
• They allow multiple simultaneous users accessing same waste stream as well as
   consecutive keypad selections to be held in queue sequence
• A very fast selection turnover time
• Helps detect most chute blockages before becoming a major problem
• Has extensive capability of detecting problems with more precision and exact location
Whether it’s a building renovation or a new high-rise project, make the right choice and let York Chutes provide you with a system that will give you years of reliability and satisfaction.

Our compactor design is capable of 8,900 pounds of maximum force and 7,100 pounds of normal force with 127 mm ram penetration–more than sufficient for the waste of a typical high-rise apartment building. It integrates into chutes, providing a dependable cycle time of 38 seconds.

compactor2Simple controls improve efficiency and reduce risks of malfunction, and the automatic cycle start limits maintenance costs. Optional features include a photocell start time delay, a deodorizer system, and a 3/4 full light.

Service & Repair

We also offer service for compactors, containers, and chutes. Our team can perform odour control, cleanings, repair work, and retrofitting. Our excellent attention to detail ensures consistent quality.

We Are Here to Service You!

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Download York Compactor Specifications

Download York Bi Sorter System Specifications

Download York Tri Sorter System Specifications