Fast, Reliable Chute Installation for Any High-Rise Building

installation1Even the most reliable chutes cannot operate properly without an expert installation. By working with York Chutes Ltd., you can reduce your long-term maintenance costs and improve the overall efficiency of your building’s chutes and waste systems.

We offer a full set of installation services for chutes, ventilation systems, compactors, BI & TRI sorters, and more. Since 1965, we have installed high-quality systems for high-rise apartment buildings throughout Ontario, and we stand by the quality of our services.

installation2Our teams will work to keep your project within established time frames, and as Canada’s leading chute specialists, we offer exceptional rates for all of our services. We can effectively guide you through the installation process while managing your costs. Most importantly, all of our products are built to strict safety standards to keep your building compliant.

Because we also offer maintenance services including repair and retrofit, we provide a simple, dedicated solution for buildings of all sizes.

We Are Here to Service You!

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