A Professional Resource for Chute Maintenance and Repair

maintenance1By properly maintaining your chutes and compactors, you can ensure efficient operation while controlling costs. York Chutes Ltd. offers professional maintenance and repair for all types of chutes, and since 1965 we have provided an exceptional resource for high-rise building owners throughout the Greater Toronto area.

Our advanced maintenance services help you keep key systems working in peak condition. We offer retrofitting for all types of chutes, odour control, preventative power washing, disinfecting, and more. Our maintenance teams have years of experience, and we are uniquely qualified to provide reliable, safe services for various types of systems.

maintenance2As chute specialists, we understand the importance of regular maintenance. York Chutes Ltd. offers preventative maintenance contracts, which save you a tremendous amount of money in the long term. Our teams can check every element of your systems, performing necessary cleaning and repairs on a regular basis. It’s an excellent way to minimize unscheduled costs and downtime.

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