Ventilation Systems

Versatile High-Rise Building Ventilation Systems

ventilation1Your ventilation system can affect every part of your high-rise apartment building. York Sheet Metal Ltd. provides innovative ventilation systems to help you maintain a clean and safe environment.

Each component is designed to meet strict code requirements while delivering years of dependable operation. We design our ventilation systems to maintain appropriate air flow regardless of the size of the building and/or location, and as Canada’s leading ventilation specialists, we can create exceptionally efficient systems with limited maintenance requirements.

ventilation2At York Sheet Metal Ltd., we proudly design and manufacture every component of our ventilation systems in a state-of-the-art Canadian facility. Our quality craftsmanship allows for decades of dependable functionality, and we also offer a comprehensive set of maintenance and repair services.

Advanced ventilation makes an extraordinary difference in any building, and our teams can provide the guidance you need to outfit your property with an appropriate system.

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